Parents of 2-Year-Old Who Saved Twin Brother From Fallen Dresser Defend Video's Authenticity

Some claim the video was staged.

— -- The parents of the 2-year-old who was caught on camera saving his twin brother from a fallen dresser says the heart-stopping footage is authentic, despite critics claiming the incident was a hoax.

On Monday mom Kayli Shoff posted the video on YouTube, where it was viewed more than 12 million times. But some YouTube users are skeptical of the circumstances surrounding the incident -- especially since the dresser drawers were empty and the angle of the security camera was directed on the dresser, not the boys' bed.

"Basically you can tell they're pretty active, so we do whatever we can to make sure we can keep it clean," dad Ricky Shoff said today on "Good Morning America." "So they would get into the drawers, pull all the clothes that we had in the drawers and put them out and just throw them all over their room during nap time. So we just decided the easiest thing was to empty the drawers and put all their clothes in the closet."

Ricky Shoff said there are cameras everywhere in the family's home in Orem, Utah. He works in sales for a security camera company.

"They're mounted on the wall and fixed so they don't move," he said. "We don't move them around. That's where it is."

Kayli Shoff said she did not hear the dresser fall, but witnessed the aftermath on camera.

"I didn’t hear anything so I go to my phone, looked on the camera, and the dresser was falling down just flat and I didn’t see any kids anywhere," she said.

“I was frantic, so I ran downstairs, flung open the door and they were just over in the corner playing nice and quiet like nothing happened," she added.

The Shoffs said their hearts "dropped" after seeing the footage of Bowdy rescuing Brock.

The boys are seen playing in the dresser when it tipped over, pinning Brock underneath. The video shows Bowdy trying to push the heavy furniture from both sides, but it doesn't move.

He tries to lift it, but that doesn't work. Bowdy then attempts to push the dresser again and manages to move it, freeing his brother.

Both boys were uninjured.

The Shoffs told ABC News earlier this week that they had not realized their son's incredible feat until they reviewed the surveillance video.

Kayli Shoff said she bolted the dresser to the wall after watching the video. She later encouraged other parents to take the same precaution.

ABC News' Emily Shapiro contributed to this report.