Party Host Danielle Rollins' Home Targeted by Burglars

Police found a gun, duct tape and pepper spray.

— -- Party hostess Danielle Rollins, a single mother, was at home in Buckhead, Atlanta, with her two children and her own mother, when she heard someone trying to break into her home the night after Christmas.

Her armed security guard chased the suspects off and the police quickly arrived.

The police discovered bags dropped by the suspects as they fled, with the contents revealing a potentially terrifying home-invasion plan.

“There were helicopters and search lights and dogs,” Rollins said. “I knew at that exact moment it had to be something bad in the backpacks to warrant that types of measures.”

Rollins says she has been targeted three times in the past month alone. “It shook me up and scared me to death,” she said.

Also, just a few months ago, a neighbor was reportedly robbed inside her home and held at gunpoint for more than 90 minutes, seemingly part of an outbreak of home invasions in this picturesque community.

Police declined to comment on the investigation of the latest incident.