There Is Now A Street in NYC Named After Pizza Rat

"Finally, #PizzaRat gets the recognition he deserves," a local said.

October 16, 2015, 11:24 AM

— -- Pizza Rat, a New York City rodent that achieved celebrity status after it was caught on video carrying a pizza twice its size, now has its own street sign in Brooklyn.

A "PIZZA RAT BLVD" sign mysteriously popped up on Thursday in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn on the corner of India Street and Franklin Street.

"Finally, #PizzaRat gets the recognition he deserves," local Fred Benenson wrote on Instagram.

Another user, @mbelinsky, commented, "It's about time! #justice."

However, the sign was short-lived as it was taken down by the end of Thursday.

The sign was actually temporarily put up by the crew of Netflix original series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," according to an employee of 3 Roots Cafe, which is located right next to the sign.

"They had notified us about it in advance," the 3 Roots employee told ABC News. "It was only up for a few hours. There's always a lot of filming around in the area."

Residents around the area could technically start a process to get a street name officially changed.

According to New York City law, an individual hoping to change a street's name would need to collect signatures of support from at least 75 percent of the residents and/or businesses on the street.

After acquiring the signatures, the petition would have to be brought to the local community board's traffic and transportation committee. If approved, the application then moves to the New York City Council and then to the mayor for a possible veto.

Once the street name change is OK'd by the mayor, the city's Department of Transportation then puts up the new sign within six months.