Police Release 911 Call and Note from 2nd Killing Linked to Alleged Delta State Shooter

Police also found a handwritten note from the alleged gunman.

Shannon Lamb, the suspect in a fatal shooting on a Mississippi college campus, allegedly admitted to the murder of Amy Prentiss, saying "I shot my wife last night," according to the call, released by the Gautier, Mississippi, Police Department.

The caller gives the address of the home, but when the dispatcher asks for the man's name, he says, "That's all I feel like saying right now. Just go and take care of her. You'll find all of her ... family phone numbers and things in her phone. Go and contact them."

When asked the victim's name, the caller says, "Amy Prentiss."

Lamb, 45, is considered the only suspect in Prentiss' death, the Gautier Police Department said in a news release today. Lamb, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday night, is also the suspect in the killing of a professor at Delta State University Monday morning.

According to the Gautier police, shortly after 10 a.m. Monday, Lamb "called the Gautier Police Department and stated that he shot and killed his wife ... Lamb did not provide an explanation or time frame for the shooting, nor did he indicate that he intended to harm anyone else."

Police responded and found Prentiss, 41, dead in the home.

Police also said they found a handwritten note signed by Lamb. The note, obtained by ABC News from the Gautier Police Department, reads: "I am so very sorry I wish I could take it back I loved Amy and she is the only person who ever loved me."

The Gautier Police Department said today it is still searching for a motive for Prentiss' death, adding that Lamb is the only suspect.

Lamb was also identified as the suspect in the murder of Ethan Schmidt, a Delta State professor who was found dead in his office Monday morning.

The Gautier Police said today they "have no indication of any relationship between the victim at Delta State and the victim in Gautier."

Late Monday night, Cleveland Police Chief Charles Bingham said officers followed the suspect's car until Lamb pulled over on his own, exited the car and ran into the woods. The officers then heard one gunshot, Bingham said, and found Lamb with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Lamb was declared dead, police said.

The Cleveland Police did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment today.