Police Release New Video of Sandra Bland's Arrest

ByABC News
July 22, 2015, 2:18 PM

— -- Texas police have released a second version of the dashboard-camera footage of Sandra Bland's traffic stop and ensuing arrest.

The footage was recorded on the dashcam of a highway trooper who pulled Bland over July 10 and shows their interaction as it escalates from a verbal exchange to a physical one.

Bland's arrest is being scrutinized in light of her death in a jail cell three days later.

The Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin first released a 52-minute version of the footage Tuesday night via YouTube, but viewers quickly noticed video anomalies. Some viewers lashed out on social media, claiming the tape had been edited, though a department spokesman denied any edits had been made in a statement released this morning.

The new version of the video, which is just over 49 minutes long, was just released and does not have any of the visual anomalies that were noted in the first version.

In one instance in the first footage, the tow truck driver who arrived at the scene to take Bland's car is seen coming out of his vehicle four times in less than two minutes. Trooper Brian Encinia can be heard on the audio during that portion of the footage, describing the incident on the phone.

The audio does not sound as though it has been interrupted, but the video suggests there was some kind of problem in that portion of the tape and that it could be one of the uploading errors mentioned by police officials.

The tow truck driver is only seen coming out of his vehicle once in that portion of the tape from the second release.