Police Respond to White Powder Sent to NJ Hotels Near Super Bowl

Security scare as six hotels send suspicious substance in the mail.

Jan. 31, 2014— -- An early test for heightened security measures in place for Super Bowl XLVIII came this afternoon when a post office and six hotels near MetLife Stadium reported they received envelopes with what law enforcement officials described as a suspicious substance.

"The Joint Terrorism Task Force and Hazard Materials units have responded to several locations that have received a suspicious letter and substance," the FBI and NJ State Police said in a joint statement. "There are no reported injuries at this time, and the locations are being secured."

The mayor of East Rutherford said one letter had corn starch.

None of the envelopes are believed to be dangerous, officials said, and there have been no evacuations.

Hackensack Medical Center prepared its decontamination facility but a law enforcement source said it's for precautionary reasons. There are no reports of illness or injury. As a precaution, “I have been notified we are accepting patients for evaluation because they were in contact with the letters. No reported injuries,” said a spokesperson for the medical center.

The security scare comes two days before kickoff and as enhanced security measures begin. Everything being delivered to the Super Bowl is being screened, from food to seat cushions. The FBI has conducted 50,000 background checks. Customs and Border Protection is preparing to enforce a no-fly zone for 10 miles around the stadium.