Police station offers Get Out of Jail Free cards for 1 day only, but there's a catch

The Bath Township Police Department shared the sarcastic post on Facebook.

February 24, 2020, 10:38 AM

One police station is handing out Get Out of Jail Free cards, but unlike a game of Monopoly there's some fine print.

The Bath Township Police Department posted an offer for local residents to come pick up the board game-inspired Chance cards for one day only.

The only catch, the sarcastic suggested date of when it would be available to pick up at the police station front desk, Feb. 30, will never be on the calendar, since the month contains only 28 days, or 29 in a leap year, such as 2020.

Those who commented on Facebook took the jest in stride and one person even quipped back an idea from another deck of cards.

"If I'm pulled over, can I use one of these instead of a get out of jail free card?" the user wrote alongside a photo of a "reverse" card from an Uno deck.

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