Powerball Jackpot: You Will Be Richer Than These Celebs

Welcome to the .0001 percent.

You’re about to enter a rarefied universe that only a handful of people around the world are lucky enough to join. You can become a philanthropist, a world traveler, a political insider, a patron of the arts, and a connoisseur of rare wine vintages and antique cars -- or all of the above. You will also have a net worth that’s larger than some of today’s biggest stars.

If you decide to take the cash option -- that’s $930 million -- you’ll end up with at least $450 million after taxes. The final sum, of course, will depend on where you bought the winning ticket, where you live and your current tax rate. If you choose the annuity option, which divides the $1.5 billion jackpot over 29 years, your overall payout will be even more.

Taylor Swift: $200 million net worth

Madonna: $520 million net worth

Jay Z: $550 million net worth

Diddy: $735 million net worth