San Bernardino Shooter 'Used My Gun' in Massacre, Neighbor Says in 911 Call

The shooters' neighbor is now facing terror-related charges.

ByABC News
December 17, 2015, 6:29 PM

— -- In the hours after the deadly San Bernardino shooting, the attacker's neighbor -- now charged with material support of terrorism -- made an expletive-laced 911 call claiming that the massacre was committed with one of his guns, according to court documents.

The new details about the aftermath of the Dec. 2 attack have been publicly released today as part of the criminal complaint against Enrique Marquez, a friend and neighbor of shooters Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, who allegedly provided them with two of the guns used in the killings.

A transcription of a 911 call placed by a Marquez, 24, "hours after the shooting" was included in the complaint. In it, he claims that he only gave the gun to Farook for "safe storage."

911: And what's wrong? Why do you feel like you want to kill yourself? What's going on?

Marquez: I don't know. My neighbor. He did the San Bernardino shooting.

911: Your neighbor did what?

Marquez: he did the San Bernardino shooting.

911: Your neighbor was in the San Bernardino shooting? He died or what he was the shooter or what?

Marquez: he was the shooter.

911: He was the shooter.


Marquez: The f****** a****** used my gun in the shooting.

911: You said he used your gun?

Marquez: Yes. Oh my god.

911: How do you know it's your gun?

Marquez: [unintelligible] They can trace all the guns back to me.

911: It wasn't. How did he get your gun?

Marquez: I couldn't have it at home because I have brothers and then I got moved and then I can't have it around [unintelligible].

911: So you gave him your gun?

Marquez: Only for safe storage?

911: It was in storage?

Marquez: Yeah.

911: How did he get it out of storage?

Marquez: It wasn't in storage. To me, he was reliable enough for him for storage, like to store my gun.

911: Oh, you had him store your gun?

Marquez: Yeah. And then he [unintelligible]. Why did he have to do it?

911: What was the guy's name that had your gun?

Marquez: It's Syed Farook.

The criminal complaint then notes that Marquez went to the emergency room at the UCLA Harbor Medical Center. He said that he was not normally a drinker but had about nine bottles of beer before going to the hospital "because he was very upset," the federal criminal complaint states.

Marquez was then referred to the psychiatric ward and placed on an involuntary hold.

Today, Marquez was charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, unlawfully purchasing two assault rifles and defrauding immigration authorities.

He allegedly plotted with shooter Syed Farook on earlier attacks that were never carried out and provided the rifles that were used in the San Bernardino attack.