Severe Storms to Target Much of Central US on Veterans Day

A developing storm system could bring severe weather much of the central U.S.

— -- Much of the central US is in the threat zone for severe weather on Veterans Day including damaging wind gusts, large hail and a few tornadoes. This potential severe weather outbreak will be part of a major storm that it set to develop Tuesday night and track over the Plains states on Wednesday.

There will be two main components to this system. A windy, snowy sector and a severe weather sector. The current threat zone for severe storms stretches from northeastern Texas up to Indiana.

The main concern from any severe storms that move through this area will be damaging wind gusts. However a few tornadoes, large hail and flash flooding will be possible as well.

Locations on the northwestern side of this storm are bracing for high winds and snow. Blizzard watches were issued on Monday afternoon for parts of Colorado and Kansas. High wind watches were issued across parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas for wind gusts that could approach 50 to 60 mph on Wednesday.