More severe storms targeting Southeast as Plains prep for blizzards

Baseball-sized hail and damaging winds are in the forecast.

That storm system isn't going anywhere quite yet -- more severe storms are possible for the Carolinas and into Georgia, threatening winds and hail, as well as the possibility of isolated tornadoes. A tornado was already spotted in northern Alabama on Monday morning.

But that's not the only storm threatening the country. The central part of the country is bracing for a major storm Wednesday.

That storm system just moved through the Pacific Northwest, which saw record rainfall and flooding in parts of Oregon, including Eugene, which had its wettest April day ever on Sunday.

As this storm gets even stronger while marching east, 10 states from Utah to Michigan are on alert for heavy snow and blizzards.

Massive snowfalls are possible in the Rockies as the storm heads east before reemerging in the Plains, with severe storms likely in Nebraska, Kansas and into Iowa.

By Thursday, the storm is expected to explode in the Plains, with blizzard conditions developing from Nebraska to Minnesota. Parts of the Plains may see 2 feet of snow this week.

South of there, severe storms will strike the Midwest and southern Great Lakes area.

It's shaping up to be an extreme week in weather -- and possibly one for the record books.