Severe weather expected to last through weekend

Wide swaths of the U.S. may see almost 4 inches of rain through Sunday.

May 11, 2018, 5:39 AM

Threats of severe weather remain today, especially in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, as more than 160 reports of damaging storms were filed yesterday throughout the U.S.

Winds in Nebraska yesterday almost reached 80 mph and in North Carolina and Virginia winds exceeded 60 mph.

The storm pattern today and tomorrow is continuing from the Plains all the way Northeast.

The biggest severe-weather threats today likely will be in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.
ABC News

On Saturday, a low-pressure system will move east from the Plains into the Midwest and Northeast, bringing with it a higher risk of damaging winds, hail or even tornadoes.

There's a possibility of strong winds and tornadoes on Saturday from Illinois to New Jersey.
ABC News

In addition to storms, a stationary frontal boundary is expected to deliver more rain over this wide area, from the Rockies all the way to the Northeast.

Some areas could see between 3 and 4 inches of rain over the weekend, with flooding possible in the northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest, partially due to snowmelt.

Rainfall through Sunday in some parts may near 4 inches.
ABC News

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