University of South Carolina Shooting: School Says Threat Is Over

Students were told to seek safe shelter today at the University of South Carolina and the public health building temporarily placed on lockdown after reports of a shooting, the school said.

The school issued an alert at 1:15 p.m. ET over their campus-wide emergency response system reporting that shots had been fired.

About an hour later, they followed up by saying that there was "no longer an existing threat on campus."

The public health building and surrounding streets remain closed, but school officials have still not released any information about the nature of the threat.

Immediately after the initial warning, fire trucks were seen near the New School of Public Health as well as members of the Columbia police department, one of whom was pictured holding a protective shield.

Students inside the public health building, which was the only facility placed on a direct lock down, began posting to social media about the situation and sharing photos from inside.