SkyWest passenger subdued after allegedly trying to open cabin door mid-flight

Video shared on social media Monday captured SkyWest passengers struggling to subdue a woman who tried to open a cabin door midflight, according to the airline.

The intense exchanged happened on SkyWest flight 5449 from San Francisco to Boise. The woman was detained and examined, the airline said.

The video shows the woman, who appeared to be in mental distress, being pinned to the floor while repeatedly screaming, "I am God." Her identity was not revealed.

The woman was restrained until law enforcement officials arrive at the gate in Boise, according to SkyWest's statement.

"SkyWest flight 5449, operating as United Express from San Francisco to Boise, landed safely in Boise after reports of a customer attempting to open the aircraft door,” according to the statement. "The unruly customer was held for questioning by law enforcement."

Boise police are investigating the incident and told ABC affiliate KGO that the woman was held for a medical evaluation. The FBI is also investigating the incident, police said.

There were no injuries reported.