The Social Climber: Acetaminophen Warning Issued

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New Acetaminophen Warning: Why Now?

A move by the Food and Drug Administration to add Stevens-Johnson Syndrome to a list of acetaminophen side effects comes one month after a Supreme Court ruling related to the rare but deadly skin disease.

The federal agency announced Thursday that the makers of Tylenol and other forms of the popular painkiller would be required to warn consumers about the dangerous drug reaction, which can cause the skin to blister and slough off the body.

New Acetaminophen Warning: Why Now?

PHOTO: Powerball tickets await players at Cumberland Farms convenience store May 10, 2004 in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.
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Powerball Jackpot Hits $300 Million

Saturday's Powerball jackpot has hit at least $300 million. The game is played in 43 states as well as Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Lottery officials and mathematicians say every Powerball ticket has the same chance of winning. But that hasn't stopped aspiring millionaires from trying to crack a secret code.

The greatest debate: use lucky numbers or let the machine decide? Quick picks do take most of the jackpots. But here again, it's just math: close to 80 percent of all ticket buyers let the computer do the picking.

Biggest Lotto Jackpot Winners: See the Photos

PHOTO: 11th century facade of the cave-church of St Paul
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Piece of Jesus' Cross Found in Turkey, Archaeologists Say

Archaeologists in Turkey say they found a piece of the cross used to crucify Jesus while digging in the country this week, Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News reports.

While digging at the Balatlar Church in the Black Sea province, they found a chest containing several relics believed to have been part of the crucifixion.

"This stone chest is very important to us. It has a history and is the most important artifact we have unearthed so far," head of the excavations, Professor Gülgün Köroglu, told the Daily News.

PHOTO: Alice Glass of Crystal Castles
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Lollapalooza Kicks Off in Chicago

The annual music fest kicked off Friday at Chicago's Grant Park. The three-day festival features bands and performers such as The Cure, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding. The festival started in 1991.

PHOTO: Megan Welter
Obtained by ABC News
Cheerleader Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Boyfriend

Megan Welter, an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, known for her stunts on the sidelines, is under arrest accused of assaulting her boyfriend.

Police said he recorded the fight with Welter, 29, an Iraq War veteran who spent 16 months there, on his cell phone.

In an interview with ABC News, Welter's boyfriend asked for understanding.

"I want people to know that she's a wonderful, beautiful woman who had a momentary lapse of judgment," he said. "I hope this doesn't take away from the good things she's done for the NFL and her country."

The Cardinals did not respond to ABC News' request for a comment.

Caught on Tape: NFL Cheerleader Drunk and Abusive

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