The Social Climber: ESPN Body Issue 2013 Shows Some Skin

PHOTO: Kerri Walsh Jennings appears on the special Body issue cover on "ESPN the magazine".
Richard Phibbs/ESPN the Magazine
ESPN Body Issue 2013: Naked Athletes Playing Sports

It's the magazine issue sports aficionados wait for: ESPN's yearly tome devoted to in-depth interviews, facts, think-pieces, and --

Oh, wait. No, never mind. It's totally devoted to nudity.

This year, the annual ESPN Body Issue features artistically shot nude photos of volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings, motocross racer Tarah Geiger, Miami Marlins player Giancarlo Stanton, and even 77-year-old golf pro Gary Player, among other lesser-known athletes.

And, we're sure, some great articles, too. On newstands now. More pictures here.

PHOTO: 7 Eleven stores are giving away free slurpee drinks, July 11, 2013.
7 Eleven
Free Slurpee Day

Did you know there are almost 50 flavors of Slurpee now available across the United States? Did you know that 7-Eleven now has a Lite Slurpee, with one-third the calories of a regular ice-cold Slurpee? Did you know that half of all Slurpee drinks are purchased between 4 and 11 p.m.?

Do you care?

Probably not, but today is free Slurpee day, which means the only thing you really need to know about Slurpees is where to get your free one. And for that, the Social Climber has got you covered: 7-11 store locator.

PHOTO: Adam Sandler
Jeffrey Ufberg/Getty Images
Adam Sandler Attacked by a Cheetah

Adam Sandler told Dave Letterman Wednesday night that he almost died from a cheetah attack on a private African safari.

And all the Social Climber could think was: wasn't that the plot of "The Animal"?

Sandler said he was filming a new movie with Drew Barrymore in South Africa when he took a day off to take a private safari. He was helping to feed a cheetah when the cat jumped on his back. Sandler said he remained calm (probably thinking it was just Rob Schneider being Rob Schneider, again) but inside figured that it was his time to die.

"I played it off real good, [but] I was very nervous," he said. "I swear to God, when he jumped on me, all I was going to do was let him eat me. There was not one part of me that was going to fight back. I was like, 'All right, this is how I'm dying.'"

He said nothing about injuries.

PHOTO: An overweight woman walks along a street in Mexico City
Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images
United States No Longer Fattest Country (Second Fattest Instead)

The United States is feeling like a million bucks today.

For the first time, the United States has been outweighed by another country on the list of the world's fattest nations. Mexico, our plump southern neighbor, has taken over the No. 1 spot, leaving Lady Liberty feeling trim, toned and thinking of ditching her modest sarong in favor of a skimpy bikini this summer. Work it, Lady Liberty.

More on the rankings here.

PHOTO: Project Runway Season 12 poster.
Barbara Nitke
Nude "Project Runway" Billboard: You're Out

Auf Wiedersehen to the risque new billboard filled with nude models advertising the upcoming season of "Project Runway." As they say in fashion, one day you're in, and the next day you're out. And in Los Angeles, the billboard is definitely out.

Variety reports that the city's Department of Building and Safety vetoed the billboard for being too obscene. It depicts a costumed Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn being worshipped by nude models, as if that were out of place in the City of Angels.

PHOTO: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Diane Kruger's Mom Vetted Joshua Jackson for Dating Potential

There's no way Joey Potter's mom in "Dawson's Creek" would have put Pacey through the ringer like this.

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday night, German actress Diane Kruger recalled taking her "Dawson's Creek" star beau, Joshua Jackson, home to meet her mother in her small German village for the first time. There, Kruger's mother pulled out a hefty file of the background check she'd run on Jackson, and slid his 1997 mug shot across the table.

Jackson, the mightiest of the 1992 championship Mighty Ducks hockey team, owned up to his 1997 arrest for a drunk and disorderly charge, but then gave Kruger a deafening silent treatment, she said. Kruger then thought about going back to dating Dawson again, but has remained with Jackson ever since.

PHOTO: Bill Thomas is an associate pastor and the minister of music at Kentucky’s First Baptist Church of Madisonville
Kentucky Pastor's Wife Slams "Shiite Baptists"

A Kentucky Southern Baptist pastor is trying to save his job this week after his wife penned a newspaper column criticizing the church, calling some of its members "Shiite Baptists" for their intolerant views, according to the New York Daily News.

Assistant pastor Bill Thompson's wife, Angela, was unhappy with the Southern Baptist Convention's reaction to the Boy Scouts of America's decision to allow gay members. She wrote the letter criticizing their intolerant views, saying there was no need to make an issue out of the Boy Scout's decision.

Her husband was then asked to resign from his post at the First Baptist Church in Madisonville, which he is planning to fight, the Daily News said.

Lisa Edelstein Joining Cast of "Castle"

Actress Lisa Edelstein is joining ABC's "Castle" this year for the show's sixth season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Edelstein will play a federal investigator who is sure to throw a wrench into last season's cliffhanger, where Beckett was toying with whether to marry Castle or move to Washington to work in the U.S. Attorney General's Office.

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