The Social Climber: Pope Francis' Peace Doves Attacked, Royal Rumble 2014 Winner Isn't Prince William

Two white doves were attacked by other birds at the Vatican.

ByABC News
January 27, 2014, 7:23 AM

Jan. 27, 2014— -- quicklist: 1title: Pope's Peace Doves Attackedtext: All we are saying is give peace a chance, but a black crow and a seagull seemed to disagree.

Shortly after Pope Francis appealed for an end to unrest in Ukraine on Sunday, two white doves were released by children standing next to him as a symbol of peace, according to the Associated Press.

The crow and the seagull promptly waged war on the beautiful white birds as tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter's Square, the AP reported.

With a few feathers lost, the doves managed to break free and fly away, though it's unclear what happened to them.

Despite the dustup, the Social Climber still believes world peace is possible.

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quicklist: 2title: Royal Rumble 2014 Winnertext: Prince Harry squaring off with Prince Andrea of Monaco? The duchess of Cambridge duking it out with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands?

It turns out the Royal Rumble 2014 isn't some sort of fight club for royals, but rather an annual epic 30-man wrestling event produced by the WWE.

After a four-year absence, Batista emerged victorious and one step closer to winning the WWE World Heavyweight title.

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quicklist: 3title: Kefalonia Earthquake Clean-Up Underwaytext: The Greek island of Kefalonia is starting to return to normal following a 5.9 magnitude earthquake on Sunday.

Some buildings and roads were damaged, but it seems the biggest impact the earthquake had was rattling the nerves of residents and visitors.

Euro News reported that employees at the island's airport refused to return to the building to complete check-ins for passengers following the earthquake. Instead, passengers' travel documents were checked outdoors before they boarded a flight for Athens.

The island suffered significant damage following a 1953 earthquake.

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quicklist: 4title: Daft Punk Has Lucky Night text: Daft Punk, the French electronic music duo with the shiny helmets, won Album of the Year for "Random Access Memories" at the Grammys.

The album featured collaborations and production by hip-hop crooner Pharrell, who joined the duo for a performance of "Get Lucky."

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