'Start Here': Shutdown bills fail, Venezuela on edge, a new migrant policy. What you need to know to start your day.

Both bills that could have ended the government shutdown failed in the Senate.

It's Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. Thanks for choosing to start here.

1. Both funding bills fail

The partial government shutdown stretched to a 35th day on Thursday as competing funding bills failed in the Senate.

However, ABC News' Trish Turner says both sides may have found a path forward in the form of a three-week continuing resolution, which would reopen the government, leaving time to negotiate on border security.

2. US to enforce new policy for asylum-seekers

The Trump administration is expected to begin enforcing a new policy today that requires asylum-seekers at the southern border to stay in Mexico for their claims to be heard.

The move marks a change from a longstanding U.S. policy that allowed asylum-seekers to wait inside the U.S.

ABC News' Quinn Owen tells us it's the latest attempt by the administration to curb what it insists are loopholes in the immigration system.

2. US pulls non-emergency staff, families from Venezuela

The State Department on Thursday ordered non-emergency staff and their families to vacate the U.S. embassy in Venezuela, just days after President Nicolas Maduro ordered all American diplomats to leave.

ABC News' Matt Gutman says Juan Guaido may have to lay low in the coming days, despite being recognized by the Trump administration as president.

3. Superintendent charged with fraud for helping sick student

The superintendent of schools in Elwood, Indiana, is facing fraud charges after claiming a student as her son to get him health care.

Casey Smitherman took the sick student to a medical center, where she claimed he was her son and used her own insurance, according to police. She told officials she then drove to a pharmacy and had a prescription filled for antibiotics because the student didn't have insurance.

"I'm not saying that was right," Smitherman said in an interview with ABC affiliate WRTV. "I'm really sorry ... I was scared for him."

The county prosecutor says Smitherman is being placed in a pretrial diversion program and charges will be dropped if she maintains a clean record. She returned to her job on Thursday and said the school board is standing by her, but her story stirred a conversation about healthcare in the U.S.

ABC News' Linsey Davis walks us through what happened.

Other news:

'Unconstitutional': Iowa's so-called "heartbeat bill," which sought to limit certain abortions, is deemed "violative of both the due process and equal protection provisions of the Iowa Constitution."

'He is with his family': The missing 3-year-old boy in North Carolina is found.

'Do you think we smell? Because we just got kicked off a plane for smelling.': A family is removed from an American Airlines flight after passengers complained they had B.O.

'It's quite a kick in the teeth': A Russian company has manufactured a board game called "Our Guys in Salisbury" that's based on the nerve agent attack that nearly killed an intelligence officer and his daughter, and which did inadvertently kill a local woman.

'It was best to just accept the resignation and move on': Florida's secretary of state steps down after a photo surfaces of him at a 2005 Halloween party wearing blackface and dressed up as a "Hurricane Katrina victim."

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On this day in history:

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Nepalese Hindu devotees roll on the ground as part of a ritual during the Madhav Narayan festival in Bhaktapur, Nepal, Jan. 24, 2019. During this festival, devotees recite holy scriptures dedicated to the Hindu goddess Swasthani and Lord Shiva. Unmarried women pray for a good husband while married women pray for the longevity of their husbands by observing a month-long fast. (photo credit: Niranjan Shrestha/AP)

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Watch this time-lapse video of dusk setting in over the New York City skyline.

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