5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend

John Kasich dismisses Donald Trump; Kris Jenner throws annual Christmas party.

— -- 1. Donald Trump Expects to Win Republican Nomination, 'Otherwise We Wouldn't Be Running'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said he “expected to win” the GOP nomination during an interview with ABC News' Jonathan Karl.

“Otherwise, we wouldn't be running," Trump said, adding, "I like to win."

Trump acknowledged that when he first entered the presidential race, he didn't expect to sustain such a large lead over his rivals.

"It's a very, very big lead, so I didn't think that we would have that," he said.

2. John Kasich Dismisses Donald Trump: 'He Complains About Everything'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump "complains about everything," Ohio Gov. John Kasich said today on ABC's "This Week" as he, again, refused to commit to supporting Trump if the real estate magnate wins the party's nomination.

"What Trump does is he complains about everything -- these attacks on women, the attacks on Hillary [Clinton] not getting back to the stage on time, the attacks on Hispanics and Muslims," Kasich said.

Kasich has campaigned hard in New Hampshire -- he plans to hold events in the Granite State Monday and Tuesday -- and he suggested Trump's popularity would diminish when voters actually cast ballots.

“It’s a really good top of the story, you know, Trump is rising and everything,” he said. "Wait until we start voting, and then we're going to know -- we're going to know where people are.”

3. Homeless Veteran Gets Apartment Just in Time for Christmas

Army veteran Tony Jones has been homeless for nearly a decade, living in a tent in a small patch of wilderness in Southeast Washington, D.C.

“If it wasn’t for basic training, I wouldn’t even be able to do this stuff here, because that’s how I learned how to do the trenching around the tent,” Jones told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl.

Unfortunately, Jones’s situation is not unique. Veteran homelessness is a problem the president and first lady hoped to end in 2015.

“The good news is we’ve helped get thousands of homeless veterans off the streets,” President Obama said to an audience of military veterans in August 2014. “We should have zero tolerance for that.”

4. Why These Scaredy Cats Are Absolutely Terrified of Cucumbers

These scaredy cats are not so cool ... when they see cucumbers.

Viral videos have shown cats fleeing in fear or bouncing into the air at the sight of a cucumber.

Why cucumbers might frighten some cats is a hair-raising question, but it's no mystery for one expert.

"Cats are genetically hard-wired through instinct to avoid snakes," Con Slobodchikoff, animal behaviorist and author of "Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals," said. "Cucumbers look enough like a snake to have the cat's instinctive fear of snakes kick in."

5. Go Inside Kris Jenner's Extravagant Christmas Party

Some families get together for a quiet dinner at home to mark Christmas Eve.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is not among them.

Instead, Kris Jenner threw her annual extravagant party on Christmas Eve, complete with an A-list guest list and over-the-top decorations.

Her children -- Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner -- granddaughter North West and former spouse Caitlyn Jenner were among the attendees, as were Drake, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, rapper Tyga, and longtime Kardashian confidante Jonathan Cheban.