'Tears' as Alleged Duke Rape Victim ID'd Suspects

Two members of the Duke lacrosse team have been indicted. A third lacrosse player, also accused of rape, could be next.

Details of the case remain clouded in controversy, but today it became clear how the alleged victim singled out Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty as the men who had attacked her at an off-campus party on the night of March 13.

On Wednesday evening, Durham's WRAL-TV released a transcript describing the photo lineup in which the alleged victim picked out her attackers.

The woman, a 27-year-old student at nearby North Carolina Central University, was shown 46 pictures, covering every white player on the men's lacrosse team. As the lineup began, the alleged victim was asked to "merely … look at each picture and see if she recalled seeing the individuals at the party."

Police also asked her to detail "what they were doing and any type of interactions she may have had."

When she saw the picture of Finnerty, her emotions were overwhelming. According to the investigator's notes, her "eyes were pooling with tears" as she described in graphic detail how Finnerty had allegedly raped her.

The accuser was very specific in describing the sexual intercourse involved in Finnerty's role in the alleged attack; her description did not mention a broomstick or other object.

Later in the lineup process, the accuser looked at the photo of another player and identified him as "the one that gave me $400." The accuser and a second exotic dancer were initially hired at a rate of $400 each for a two-hour show. She identified a different student as the person "sitting in the front row" while the two exotic dancers performed.

The alleged victim said another student, who was not identified as an attacker, was "the gentleman who made the broomstick comment," in the investigator's words. The accuser said the player threatened to sexually assault her using a broomstick.

While five pages of the 15-page transcript were made public as part of a series of defense motions filed on May 1, the rest of the document contains new details, including the account of the woman's emotional reaction to Finnerty's picture.

She added details placing various players in particular locations in the house and describing their drinking and clothes.

The woman also described the atmosphere of the party, saying one man was "yelling and screaming. … 'Yeah' and 'Wooo. … Let's see some action.'"

In the transcript, she also appears to very tentatively identify a fourth attacker. The fourth image she said "looked like [one of the attackers], but I'm not sure."

She said she could identify Seligmann and Finnerty with 100 percent certainty, and a third player with 90 percent certainty, but there was no percentage attached to the fourth possible identification.

In a police affidavit, the accuser said three men had raped and beat her in a bathroom of the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.

The construction of the lineup has been heavily criticized by defense attorneys and suspect identification specialists. The accuser saw a series of PowerPoint slides on a computer -- 46 photos in total, one after the other. Investigators and District Attorney Mike Nifong conducted the lineup on April 4, three weeks after the party.

Sources close to the investigation have told ABC News the purpose of the lineup had originally been to identify who was and was not at the party. Of the 46 men she was shown, she identified at least 17 as being present at the party.

Defense lawyers have complained the lineup wrongly included only current Duke lacrosse players, when images of other men should have been mixed in with the possible suspects.

They have also complained that while Nifong has acknowledged that there were people at the party who were not on the lacrosse team, the lineup contained only images of team members.