Sunglass Bandits on the Run in Ga.

A blonde and a brunette walked up to a bank counter in a Georgia grocery store and demanded money from the teller before speeding away in an unidentified car.

There is no punch line here.

That's exactly the scenario that played out Tuesday in a Cobb County, Ga., supermarket.

Now police, using surveillance footage of the two sunglassed robbers, are sifting through a massive influx of tips.

"It's only a matter of time," said Wayne Delk, a spokesman for the Cobb County Police Department. "They've [the department] received so many calls and they believe they've got some good leads."

The pair doesn't exactly cut the mold of run-of-the-mill robbers, but police say that around lunchtime Tuesday, the two females, estimated by police to be as young as 15 and as old as 24, calmly handed a note demanding cash to a teller at a Bank of America branch. They were not armed, according to Delk.

"They do actually appear to be, like this is all fun and games," Delk said.

The teller gave the two an unknown amount of cash.

"The person at the bank cooperated, gave them cash and they left the store," Delk said. "We do not know what kind of vehicle they got into."

In 2004, in the latest figures available, of the 9,528 bank robberies, 544 involved women. While the number of women bank robbers has always been significantly lower then their male counterparts, their numbers are highest in one surprising age group: 18-24.

The area is described as highly residential and somewhat affluent. Delk also said there were multiple high schools around the area where the two robbers might be students.

The Cobb County School District has canvassed its high schools, and no principals, teachers or students have said that they recognize the two young women.