The Investigation Into the Virginia Tech Shooting

ByABC News

April, 18, 2007 — -- This is a compilation of reporting by ABC News and other organizations on the developing investigation into the massacre at Virginia Tech. This is a developing situation and the facts are subject to change.

Virginia Tech police have identified the shooter responsible for Monday's attack as Seung-hui Cho ("SOONG HEE CHO"). Cho apparently purchased the recovered murder weapons within the last two months -- a 9 mm Glock handgun on March 13 and a .22-caliber gun within the last week, sources tell ABC News.

So far 33 people are reported dead -- 32 victims plus the gunman, Cho, who killed himself -- making this the deadliest campus shooting in American history. As of now two victims have died from the shooting at West Ambler Johnston Hall; 30 from the attack on Norris Hall. University staff members are among the deceased. At least two classroom doors at Norris Hall were chained shut, according to university police.

At least 31 people have been identified in media reports as being among deceased victims -- five professors and 26 students. At least three foreign nationals are among the dead (two Indians and one Indonesian, based on media reports). See the "about victims" section below for names and more information.

The class schedule indicates Librescu was teaching Solid Mechanics in room 204 in Norris Hall. This is his Web site:

The band's Web site has an image of him participating in a food drive and says he enjoyed, among other things, "making T-shirts with his partner in crime, Kim Daniloski, and haggling with street vendors."

Hilscher and Clark lived next door to each other on the fourth floor of West Ambler Johnston Hall -- in rooms 4040 and 4042. (New York Times, Richmond Times-Dispatch).

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