Did Pizza Deliveryman Stumble on Rape or Consensual Bondage?

Ga. man professes innocence in tryst with woman who has history of false claims.

ByABC News
June 2, 2009, 2:06 PM

June 3, 2009— -- A Tennessee pizza deliveryman who found a woman bound by rope in a remote cabin in the Smoky Mountains thought he was saving her life when he called authorities after she mouthed "Call 911."

Pizza man Chris Turner was declared a hero after cops arrested David Jansen, a married father of two, for allegedly kidnapping and raping the bound woman, dismissing Jansen's claims that the two were simply on a kinky getaway.

But police investigating the case have since determined that the alleged victim has a history of making false reports of rape and being stabbed, and are now trying to determine what actually happened in the cabin in Sevier County, Tenn.

Jansen, meanwhile, had to post an $800,000 bond to get out of jail and his wife of 24 years has filed for divorce, taking their two children into hiding with her.

When asked about the previous false reports, Sevier County Sheriff's Department Capt. Jeff McCarter said, "We're investigating all aspects of the case."

Jansen's lawyer Don Bosch released a statement saying they are aware of the woman's past convictions and other "highly unusual facts surrounding these allegations."

Maj. Ron Hunton of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department, about 30 miles north of Atlanta, said his officers arrested the woman in 2005 for falsely claiming to have been raped by two Hispanic men.

Hunton cautioned, however, "Just because they filed a false report in the past doesn't mean they can't be a victim now."

Turner, who worked for Capelli's Pizza & Subs, told ABCNews.com that he initially didn't know what to think when he delivered the large supreme pizza, 10 hot wings and four bottles of 20-ounce soda to the cabin.

Turner, 32, said he saw the woman, whose name is not being released due to her accusation of sexual assault, laying on the couch when he asked Jansen to sign the credit card slip for the purchase.

The woman, on her back with her wrists tied, lifted herself up to look at Turner, he said, and mouthed "Call 911."

"I really didn't know to believe her at first," Turner said, adding that she was fully clothed and he at first thought he had stumbled onto a couple simply having a sexual encounter. "She really didn't look like she was in distress."

Turner said he mouthed back to the woman, asking if she was "for real" and decided she was serious after she rolled her eyes back at him.

Turner said he tried to play it cool with Jansen, then hopped back into the car where his wife was waiting and had her drive to the nearest neighbor's house to call 911 since his cell phone didn't get service in that part of the mountains.

"I was pale white and numb all over," he said. "I just told her to go."