Blushing Bride Apologizes for Rampage

A North Haven, Conn., woman arrested on her wedding day apologized in court Thursday to her friends, family and to the restaurant where she had the wedding.

Adrienne Samen also told the judge her behavior on her wedding day was "very disgraceful."

Instead of going on a honeymoon after their wedding, 18-year old Adrienne Samen and her new husband David had to stick around for a court appearance. The bride was arrested for going berserk at her own wedding reception at the Mill of the River in South Windsor.

Samen admitted to getting out of hand but she says she had good reason because the restaurant closed the bar early and started kicking their guests out 45 minutes early.

"They were just very rude. They were saying you have to get out now," she said.

"They were taking plates from our guests. We didn't even know what was going on until it was too late."

Cake Fight

Banquet manager Liz Gioielli says no one was rude and they followed standard procedure.

"We didn't have them leave early … They had the bar for four hours so at 4:00 the bar closed."

That's when restaurant workers say wedding guests went behind the bar to help themselves to drinks.

Things apparently got really out of hand in the parking lot, when Samen allegedly started smashing vases and gifts in the parking lot, and at one point jumping on the hood of her husband's truck, then taking off on foot.

She also threw pieces of wedding cake, police said.

That's when the cops showed up and took her away.

"We're just ordinary people and it's ridiculous that everything has to be exploited just because it happened on our wedding day," Samen said.

Samen pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of creating a public disturbance and paid a $90 fine. The judge recommended she take an anger management course.

Samen told the Associated Press she will tell her side of the story during an appearance next month on a television talk show hosted by Sharon Osbourne, wife of heavy metal music star Ozzie Osbourne.