Pentagon Puts Military Bases on Alert

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Nov. 7, 2001 -- The Pentagon today put all military installations in the United States on alert after learning about a "credible but not specific threat" of a possible attack against a domestic base.

A senior Pentagon official said the threat of attack did not focus on specific dates and added no particular military installations were targeted.

But, the official said, news of the threat came "from a variety of intelligence sources. It's enough to give us concern … there is more than the normal sense of imminence. There was enough in our judgment to warrant a general warning to domestic military installations."

Most U.S. military bases were on a "Threat Condition Charlie" alert, which includes increased ID checks and vehicle inspection, among other protective measures of visitors to the installations. Read what military commanders said in July about base security.

The Pentagon's general warning is the latest issued by government officials in wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Last week, Attorney General John Ashcroft issued a warning of additional terror attacks against the United States over a 72-hour period after, sources told ABCNEWS, intelligence officials intercepted calls made by suspected terrorist groups. The calls, which emanated from Afghanistan, referred to an upcoming "big event."

Bridges Threat Not Credible

Before last week's warning, Ashcroft also issued a warning on Oct. 11, one month after the attacks.

In addition, the West Coast was put on alert last week after California Gov. Gray Davis announced that law enforcement officials had "credible evidence" that four California bridges might be targets for terrorist attacks. On Tuesday, FBI officials said that threat was not credible.

As part of the nation's state of alert since Sept. 11, President Bush's announced a new crackdown to secure the nation's borders. The administration's new Homeland Security Council will form a task force to be chaired by Ashcroft that will track potential terrorists, reviewing student visas and making sure foreigners who come to America actually carry out their stated purpose for being in the United States.

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