How to Survive Falling Through Ice

Winter weather can result in life-threatening accidents.

— -- The deep freeze that took over the Northeast this weekend shattered low temperature records from New York City to Boston and left many areas an icy mess.

Experts say that some basic skills can help save you from falling into ice.

ABC News' Matt Gutman visited the Indiana State Police and Fire Department to get a life-saving demonstration with Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, the world's foremost expert on hypothermia and ice rescues.

Giesbrecht, known as "Dr. Popsicle," said the first thing to know when you hit the water is that you have time.

"It would take at least half-an-hour before you became hypothermic," he told Gutman.

The next step is to get control of your breathing and don't panic.

Next, Giesbrecht says to remember two words -- kick and pull -- and use that technique to find your way to safety.