Two Survive Plane Crash in Alaska Wilderness

Two men survived three days in the wilderness with canned salmon and trail mix.

Sept. 13, 2013 — -- Two men spent three days in the Alaska wilderness, living on water, a pack of canned salmon and some trail mix after surviving a plane crash that they managed to catch on camera.

Larry Minton, 65, of Wilkesboro, N.C., travelled to Alaska last week for a moose hunt. He was in a small plane with Patrick Williams, 53, when they experienced engine failure. Minton's camera was rolling as the plane began to descend.

"I knew that we'd be going down," Minton told "Good Morning America." "The only thing I just said to the good Lord was, 'Oh, Lord, give us a safe landing.' And He did.'"

The pilot was able to land on the soft ground, but the plane flipped over. Uninjured, the two men were able to get out of the wreckage.

After a day and a half at the crash site with no rescuers in sight, they set off for a town 12 miles away.

"It's like hunting a needle in a haystack," Minton said.

The two men were armed with a battery-powered GPS and their only food was a pack of canned salmon and some trail mix.

"We'd drink all the water we could and then take a pint with us," Minton said.

After three days of walking and being attacked by nasty bugs as they slept, they were spotted in a clearing by Alaska state troopers.

"Praise the Lord that our prayers were answered," Minton's son Matthew said.

But Larry Minton isn't letting the Alaskan misadventure put a damper on future trips. He has already surprised his family by telling them he is planning his next hunting trip to New Mexico.

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