Susan Powell Case: Video of Missing Mom Surfaces as Case is Closed

A new, eerie home video made by Susan Powell has emerged.

ByABC News
May 23, 2013, 9:21 AM

May 23, 2013 — -- A newly released, eerie home video made by Susan Powell, the Utah mother who disappeared in 2009 under mysterious circumstances, shows her recording her family's belongings just in case something ever happened.

"This is me July 29th, 2008," Powell says in the video. "[I am] covering all my bases, making sure that if something happens to me or my family, or all of us, that our assets are documented."

This video and a mountain of personal notes and other evidence -- the sum of an entire life –have been reduced to a tiny thumb drive handed out by police on Monday. Investigators have now declared that the mystifying and sad case of what happened to Susan Powell officially closed.

"No stone has been left unturned," Mike Powell of the West Valley Deputy Chief said this week.

From Susan's 2009 disappearance, to repeated searches, to the horrific murder suicide of her husband and two children, police have never wavered from the belief that Josh Powell was involved, even if they could never prove it in a court of law.

Powell Family Tragedy: A Timeline of Events

Powell, 28, was last seen in December 2009 at the Utah home she shared with her husband and their two young sons. Josh Powell told authorities that he had decided take an impromptu midnight camping trip with the boys -- in the midst of a winter storm -- the night his wife vanished. Powell says that he returned home to find his wife gone and has claimed that his wife left on her own.

Josh Powell was named a "person of interest" in the investigation into his wife's disappearance, but was never charged. On Feb. 5, 2012, during a supervised visit with his boys, Josh Powell locked a Child Protective Services worker out of the house he was then renting, attacked the boys with a hatchet and set off an explosion that killed himself and his two sons.

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Susan Powell also left a hand-written will in a safety deposit box, writing that it wasn't to be seen by her husband.

"If I die, it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one," she wrote.

In the home video, Powell also discusses the destruction of some of her possessions.

"And I had necklaces too, wherever those are [inaudible] got in a rage, as you can see, and broke this, there's studs and pearls and opals in there, broke those and threw all my DVDs and made a mess because he was angry at me about a year or two back," she said.

The seemingly happy mother turned fearful wife ends her video on an optimistic note that even she seems to not quite believe.

"Hope everything works out and we're all happy and live happily ever after as much as that's possible," she said, rolling her eyes.