Suspected Package Thieves Caught on Camera

Chicago police say there have been more than 12 reported thefts this month.

The suspect quickly opened the package and took off with its contents.

"He didn't care about anything, just walking around, pretending like he's talking on his cellphone," the home's resident, Marc Serwatka, told ABC Chicago station WLS-TV. "I hope they catch you."

"We think a lot of people aren't making reports," Chicago Police Commander Bill Looney told ABC News.

In Florida, an alleged package thief approached a home disguised as a pizza delivery man and allegedly combed through the packages, discarding the items he did not want.

Another incident caught on camera in Florida included a female suspect allegedly lifting packages dropped off at a Miami-Dade County, Florida, home. When one package did not fit in the car, a second car arrived.

"Five minutes after she leaves, a gentleman comes up, parks next door and then he helps himself to our packages," homeowner Kathy Fernandez told Miami ABC affiliate WPLG-TV.

In Maryland, police were able to track down 14 suspects involved in stealing at least 42 packages. Authorities returned the recovered goods to their owners.

"Really none of this would have been possible without somebody seeing what happened and actually calling the police to let us know what occurred," said Montgomery County Police Commander Dave Gillespie, according to Washington, D.C., ABC affiliate WJLA-TV.

Tips for homeowners to avoid package theft include scheduling package deliveries for a window of time when you know you will be home; having your packages delivered to your workplace; and requiring a signature at delivery.