Hunt for Elderly Gunman Who Killed Two Ends With Shooter's Suicide

Gunman shot four people, killing two, before turning rifle on self.

Oct. 4, 2010— -- A dragnet for an elderly man who shot four people, killing two of them, ended this afternoon when the suspected gunman was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

SWAT teams descended on a housing development in the small town of Little Egg Township, N.J., after neighbors reported hearing gunshots and seeing a man carrying a weapon described as an AK-47, a military style assault rifle.

Early reports indicate four people were shot, including two who are dead, according to police.

The shooter was an elderly man, according to police. They did not release his identity or the identities of his slain victims, a man and a woman who were killed in their home.

"I heard a bunch of shots fired at 11:45," said Chet Thornberry, 41, a resident of the Tall Timbers condominium complex where the shootings took place. "I thought it was just banging in the dumpsters, but then I hear sirens go off."

Thornberry said he stepped outside his home and was told by police "to go inside and lock my door."

A security guard who works at the complex, described the gunman, as a male "wearing a red flannel shirt and backward baseball cap."

After spending much of the day on lockdown, area schools dismissed students as usually following an all clear from police.