Target Teen Yasir Moore Returns to Store After Job Interview

Yasir Moore thanked the employees who helped him with his first job interview.

"They could have just sold my son a tie," Moore's mother, Najirah Parrish, told WTVD. "But they took the time, helped him tie the tie and talked to him. They treated my son with dignity, respect."

Moore was prepping for his first ever job interview when he stopped a Target employee to ask for a clip-on tie, according to WTVD. But Target employees Scott and Roberts didn't just point the teen toward the tie section.

Instead, they helped him learn to tie a real tie and then gave him advice on how to properly introduce himself in an interview, the station reported.

"We said, 'Make sure you look him in the eye.' I'm saying make sure you give him a firm handshake, and she showed him. ... He tucked his shirt in," Roberts told WTVD.

Moore said he left the store feeling fully prepared for his interview.

"When he told me all this advice, I got my confidence back," Moore told WTVD. "And so when I went there, I was calm, cool, and collected."

He told WTVD-TV he was surprised to hear he was at the center of a viral photo, but that he understands why his story is popular.

"It's a good story," Moore said. "Usually in the world today you don't see a lot of good things that happen."