Teen Allegedly Killed by Kidnapper Seeking to Be a Hero in Her 'Rescue'

Kyle Dube wanted to rescue Nichole Cable, so he kidnapped her, police say.

ByABC News
May 30, 2013, 11:38 AM

May 30, 2013 — -- A man's bizarre plot to be a hero by kidnapping and then "rescuing" a teenage girl who had rebuffed his advances resulted in her death, according to an indictment charging him with murder.

Kyle Dube, 20, of Bangor, Maine, was arrested for the murder of Nichole Cable, 15, after he lured her from her home while pretending to be one of her Facebook friends promising her marijuana, the indictment states. The indictment was unsealed on Wednesday.

According to police, Dube waited in the nearby woods wearing a ski mask on May 12 as Cable walked to the end of her driveway to meet Bryan Butterfield, a friend of hers who she'd been speaking with online. Dube allegedly jumped from the bushes, duct taped Cable and threw her in his dad's pick-up truck.

When Dube removed Cable from the truck, she was dead, his brother Dustin Dube told police, the indictment claims.

"Kyle intended to kidnap Nichole and hide her … he would later find her and be the hero," Dustin Dube told police, the court document states.

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Kyle Dube had set up a phony Facebook profile for Butterfield, a man who Cable knew. Posing as Butterfield, Dube repeatedly requested to meet with Cable. On the night she vanished, Cable texted to a friend that she had planned to meet Butterfield.

When interviewed by police the day after Cable disappeared, the real Bryan Butterfield said that he suspected Dube, who he said wanted to have sex with Cable, but had been rebuffed by Cable.

While searching for Cable, investigators logged into her Facebook account and noticed frequent communications between her and the fake Butterfield account. Detectives made an emergency request to Facebook to produce records to identify the owner of the fake account and the IP address linked to an account that belonged to Dube's parents, according to authorities.

Facebook also provided the last four digits of the smart phone used to log into the fake Facebook account, and they matched the last four digits of Dube's phone number, the indictment states.

During an interview with police, Dube stated that he had a relationship with Cable, and had exchanged text messages with her the day she disappeared, but was at work in Bangor when she vanished. He consented to a DNA sample, which later proved to match DNA on a sock found In a wooded area where police were searching for Cable, police said. Cable's DNA was also found on the sock.

On May 20, Sarah Mesinger, Dube's girlfriend, told police that he had detailed to her where he left Cable's body in a clearing, covered with branches and that he had thrown her clothes out of the truck's window, according to court papers.

Police deployed aircraft and dogs in the search for Cable's body, while hundreds of civilian volunteers had spent days searching. Her body was found on the night of May 20.