Teen With Autism Performs 'Let It Go' With the Help of the Audience

The crowd came together and the boy finished his performance strong.

ByABC News
April 12, 2016, 11:57 AM

— -- When a teen with autism forgot the words to a song while performing at a school talent show, the audience came together and helped him out.

Jagger Lavely, 13, sang "Let It Go," from Disney's "Frozen" at the Oak Middle School talent show in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

When Jagger, dressed in a dapper Olaf costume, stumbled on the words, kids in the audience started singing along and Jagger was able to finish his performance strong.

"He was so excited that everybody did that for him," Stacey Lavely, Jagger's mother, told ABC News. "The kids rallied around him. They showed him that he is not disabled but he is just differently able-ed."

"He loves music," Lavely added. "'Frozen' is his favorite."

Jagger has also been working diligently to learn the lyrics to the "Star-Spangled Banner," which he plans on performing at an upcoming event to raise awareness for autism. Lavely said this may be the reason Jagger stumbled on the words for "Let It Go."

The support shown to Jagger was especially touching because Jagger attends a different middle school and did not know the students and parents in the audience, Lavely noted.

"I just feel so blessed to live here in Shrewsbury, and for the way the kids and the community supported him," Lavely said.

Lavely said the talent show ended with all of the kids singing "We're All In This Together," from Disney's "High School Musical."

"He loves 'High School Musical,'" Lavely said, "and it was just so fitting."