Memphis Teen's Shooting Reveals Gallery of Shocking Photos

Police investigating how boys as young as 13 had arsenal of guns.

ByABC News
February 27, 2014, 4:28 PM

Feb. 27, 2014 — -- The shooting death of a 13-year-old boy in Memphis resulted in another teen being charged with his shooting, but it also created outrage over photos that emerged on the victim's Facebook page showing him and other baby-faced teens smoking pot, posing with an arsenal of guns and fanning stacks of hundred dollar bills.

All of the boys in the Facebook photos with weapons and cash appear to very young teens.

The investigation into the shooting of Cartrail Robertson, 13, on Tuesday is "closed," police said. But another investigation is underway.

"There is an ongoing investigation in regards to how they obtained the guns," Vince Higgins of the Shelby County District Attorney General Office, told ABC News.

Robertson was found dead Tuesday, lying on the floor of a rear bedroom of unidentified house. The investigation determined that Darrin Wilson, 15, and the victim were in possession of a handgun when the handgun accidentally fired, killing Robertson, according to the Memphis Police Department. Wilson has been arrested and charged with reckless homicide, Higgins said.

In the wake of Robertson's death, however, pictures from his Facebook page emerged showing the boy and his friends posing in a cloud of smoke from what appears to be marijuana. In many of the pictures, the boys are holding guns and giving what appear to be gang hand signs. In one photo, two boys are clowning around a handgun, pointing it at a boy's forehead.

In other photos, boys pose boastfully with stacks of fanned bills and most of the bills are in $100 denominations.

Higgins said police are going through the photos on Robertson's Facebook page, as well as his friends' Facebook pages.