Tennessee Teen Uses Siri to Save His Life After Being Pinned by Truck

Sam Ray was working underneath his truck when it fell on him.

ByABC News
August 15, 2015, 2:23 PM

— -- For one Tennessee teen, Siri isn't just a personal assistant -- it's a lifesaver.

Sam Ray was working underneath his truck in his family’s driveway in Murfreesboro over a month ago when it fell and pinned him as he tried sliding out from underneath, reports ABC affiliate WKRN-TV in Nashville. At the time, he was home alone.

“This arm was above my head, tangled up,” he said. “I know it was on the exhaust because it was burnt from here up.”

Ray, 18, had been speaking with his dad on his iPhone before the truck fell and said he suddenly heard Siri's voice. Pushing up on his hip, he activated Siri from the phone in his back pocket and requested her to call 911.

“Help me, I’m stuck under my truck," Ray told a dispatcher. "Send help, please."

Ray was taken for treatment by emergency responders. Ray suffered broken ribs and a bruised kidney, said Dr. Richard Miller of the Vanderbilt Trauma Center.

“He had probably crushed his kidney,” Miller said. “And so his kidney was torn and bruised."

Ray is recovering from his injuries.