Terror Alert Color Code Fades to Black: New Threat Warning System Coming Online

New terror threat warning system to come online as old color code fades to away.

ByABC News
April 19, 2011, 11:32 PM

April 20, 2011— -- The color coded terror threat warning system is no more.

It will be replaced with a much simpler system known as the National Terrorism Advisory System.

The new alerts will include a clear statement that there is an "Imminent Threat" or "Elevated Threat" along with clear and concise information about the threat.

Imminent warns of a credible, specific and impending terrorist threat against the United States.

Elevated is defined as a credible terrorist threat against the United States.

The public will be informed of what the government is doing to mitigate the threat and what it can do deal with the threat.

The guide being released today also urges the public to become familiar with the Department of Homeland Security's public awareness campaign called "See Something-Say Something" that has the public alert law enforcement and security to suspicious events.

The new system, unlike the old one, will have specified end dates when there is an alert, but DHS officials say the alert can be extended if new threat information becomes available about a specific or developing threat if new intelligence is obtained or discovered.

Alerts will be issued by the Homeland Security Secretary who will make the final call after consulting with the U.S. Intelligence and law enforcement community.

"In some cases, alerts will be sent directly to law enforcement or affected areas of the private sector, while in others, alerts will be issued more broadly to the American people through both official and media channels," the guide released Wednesday morning notes.

The administration will get the word out using traditional media — but also Facebook, Twitter and potentially other social media.

Alerts will also be seen at transportation hubs like airports and subways, and government buildings.

The NTAS system will officially be in operation on April 26.

DHS Secretary Napolitano is scheduled to hold a press conference about the new System today in New York at Grand Central Station.