Texas Residents Take Extreme Measures to Protect Cars From Golf Ball-Sized Hail

Car owners are using mattress pads, yoga mats and trampolines.

— -- Texas and Oklahoma were pounded by blinding rain, tornadoes and hail this week.

Jeff Phillips, the owner of Dent Masters in Dallas, said, "The average hail repair claim is between $2500 and $7,000, but it depends on the severity of the damage. Factors in price range include the size of the dents, what type of metal the car has, the location of dents, and accessibility."

Residents of northern Texas have taken precaution to a whole new level. They've created unique household shields in hopes of preventing damage to their cars, from plastic wrap to a trampoline to cardboard boxes to yoga mats. The goal here is to cover the car in layers. Options may include mattress pads, blankets and towels -- the more cushion, the better.

Haley Galbreath used her car mats to protect her windshield, pillows and blankets for the windows, and then topped it off by covering her entire car in plastic wrap. When Galbreath went to remove the plastic wrap, she noted that the car wasn't even gotten wet.

Images posted to Twitter showed the lengths some went to to protect their vehicles: