7 Travel Pro Tips To Help You Survive Thanksgiving Week

Print your boarding pass ahead of time, and leave your gifts unwrapped.

— -- With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the only thing standing between you and and a healthy heap of mashed potatoes may be a friendly travel agent and a cross-country flight.

But on some of the busiest travel days of the year, navigating the airport can be tricky.

Here are a seven tips to keep your journey (hopefully) headache-free:

1. Print your boarding pass ahead of time.

2. Download your airline’s mobile app.

4. If you are putting valuables through TSA carry-on screening, tape your business card to them in case you accidentally leave them behind.

5. Sign up for TSA pre-check so you can fly through security lines -- with your shoes on.

6. Make sure your carry-on bag fits by checking ahead of time. And if the agent asks you to gate check it, listen -- nothing delays a departure like having to take bags back off a full plane.

7. If you want more legroom, think about paying for an economy plus seat, which often comes with a better boarding time.

Bonus tip: When all else fails, try being nice. After all, it is a holiday!