Thousands of Trump supporters stage rallies across US, some attract counter-protesters

Violence, arrests marred some rallies, which attracted counter-protesters

ByABC News
March 5, 2017, 5:26 AM

— -- Thousands of people across the country took to the streets Saturday in a show of support for President Trump, participating in rallies and proudly carrying American flags and signs that read messages such as "Deplorables for Trump" and "Make America Great Again."

"It's nice to be surrounded by people who share your morals and opinions," Denver rally attendee Chelsea Thomas, who brought a life-size cardboard cutout of Trump, told The Associated Press. Others at the Denver rally carried signs that read "Veterans before Refugees."

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, rally organizer Jim Worthington told The AP of attendees, "They love their country and they love what Donald Trump represents, which is about making America first."

Aside from New York City and Washington, where proponents and counter-protesters staged rallies at Trump Tower and near the Washington Monument, cities of all sizes and in blue and red states, were the site of rallies celebrating President Trump. A similar gathering was also held near Trump's Florida getaway, Mar-A-Lago.

But Trump supporters were met by Trump opponents in several cities, and in some cases, these confrontations led to arrests.

Here, a city-by-city rundown:


The rally in Berkeley was one of the most violent. According to police, 10 people were arrested after about 500 Trump supporters and an unknown number of counter-protesters sparred.

"Every attempt was made to intercede during acts of violence or rapidly identify victims and suspects," the Berkeley Police Department said in a press release. "Where victims came forward and provided information, we were more readily able to make arrests."

Of the 10 arrests, five were for battery, four for assault with a deadly weapon (including one with possession of a dagger) and one for resisting arrest.

Berkeley Police said it confiscated metal pipes, bats, "2x4s," and pieces of wood. A group with bricks was detained, and their bricks confiscated.

Seven people were also injured, "but none needed nor wanted to go to the hospital," police said.

Paramedics did help at least two men, one bleeding from the head and the other with cuts on his face.


Trump supporters and counter-supporters also clashed here, leading two two arrests at the Tennessee Capitol, reported The Associated Press.

The opposing factions at times cursed at each other and made physical contact, which state troopers broke up.


Washington State Patrol said it arrested four demonstrators -- three men, one woman -- for assaulting a police officer at a rally at Olympia's Heritage Park, according to ABC affiliate KOMO.

Officials did not say if those arrested were pro-Trump or anti-Trump. KOMO reported there were about 225 Trump supporters, and about 150 people who staged a counter-protest.

A law enforcement officer drove himself to the hospital after an unknown substance was thrown on him, KOMO reported, citing officials.


The Associated Press, citing a local newspaper, reported that about 200 Trump supporters staged a rally, most of whom were decked out in "Make America Great Again" apparel. They were met by about 100 counter-protesters who carried signs that read, "No hate in our town." Some wore tape over their mouths.


A rally in support of the president drew about 300 people to the Texas Capitol in pouring rain, as well as several counter-protesters, according to The Austin American-Statesman.

The rally kicked off with a prayer, followed by speeches.


According to local media reports, hundreds of people took part in a pro-Trump rally on the lawn of the State Capitol.

Unlike in other cities, the number of counter-protesters was small.


While a rally was held in eastern Pennsylvania in Buck's County, at the other end of the state , a rally was held in Erie.

About 100 people rallied in support of the president at a downtown square.

"We've got to get the whole country united behind this man," rally attendee Richard Brozell, 75, told the Erie Times-News.


The state Capitol attracted 200 Trump supporters and 100 counter-protesters. Some of the president's proponents shouted "get on a bus and go back to Mexico," reported The Associated Press, citing The Detroit News.


Although it's the home state of Vice President Mike Pence, only 30 Trump supporters gathered at the Indiana Statehouse.

Some carried signs that read "the silent majority stands with Trump."

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