Timeline of alleged Wisconsin protest shooter's path

Social media linked to Kyle Rittenhouse paints a picture of the night's events.

The suspected gunman, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois, is expected to be charged in Wisconsin with first-degree intentional homicide as an adult.

While the investigation into Rittenhouse and the shootings is in the preliminary stages, ABC News sifted through numerous videos on social media to piece together a timeline of the night. The events described below are based on those videos.

10:04 p.m.: Before the shootings begin

Before Rittenhouse allegedly began shooting, he was seen on video amid a group of armed men who said they were protecting a car shop at the corner of 59th and Sheridan.

Rittenhouse is armed with what appears to be a semiautomatic rifle, wearing a green shirt and can be heard saying, "I'm Kyle, by the way."

About 45 minutes later, another video shows the same person asking law enforcement officers for water as they ride by in a tank.

The officers can be heard saying, "We appreciate you guys. We really do."

Rittenhouse, still at the same location, gave an interview to Blaze TV before the shooting in which he said he was "protecting from the citizens." He told Blaze TV he and the other armed men didn't have "non-lethal" ammunition.

11:41 p.m.: Protesters gather

A livestream of the night begins at the First United Methodist Church at 60th and Sheridan as protesters are gathered at the Ultimate gas station across the street.

During that livestream, around the 7:33 mark, gunshots ring out.

11:48 p.m.: 1st shooting

The gunshots heard accounted for the first shooting of the night, at the Bert and Rudy's auto service shop at 6279 Sheridan Road near 63rd Street.

In a separate video that captured the incident, Rittenhouse can be seen running across the lot of the auto shop. A person with a red shirt around his neck appears to be chasing him.

After about 30 seconds, protesters can be heard screaming about a shooting, and Rittenhouse is seen appearing to make a phone call before running away. In the background, someone can be heard saying, "I shot somebody."

The person recording the video then gets closer to the man who had been shot, capturing a graphic view of what appears to be the victim, who was the person chasing after Rittenhouse, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the head.

11:49 p.m.: 2nd shooting

Just a minute later, a second shooting is caught on video.

Rittenhouse is seen running in the middle of the street as a number of people attack him. He falls to the ground and is seen firing a number of shots, which strike at least two people.

One person is seen struck in the arm, while the other is seen lying motionless in the street.

The crowd disperses after the shots ring out, and Rittenhouse is seen walking backward in the middle of the street alone.

11:51 p.m.: Police arrive

Police arrive at the scene to treat the man shot in the arm, driving past Rittenhouse, who walks toward the squad car.

A person can be heard shouting, "Hey, he just shot them."

Rittenhouse appears to have his hands up as he walks toward the squad car, but at several points lowers them to touch his weapon.

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