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Threats sparked by disinformation could lead to real world violence in Georgia, activists say
By Fergal Gallagher
January 1, 2021 Story from Politics Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Why millions don't trust the election results, despite no evidence of widespread fraud: Experts
By Fergal Gallagher
November 22, 2020 Story from Technology Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Tracking hydroxychloroquine misinformation: How an unproven COVID-19 treatment ended up being endorsed by Trump
By Fergal Gallagher
April 22, 2020 Story from Health Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Timeline of alleged Wisconsin protest shooter's path
By Ella Torres, Fergal Gallagher and Catherine Sanz
September 1, 2020 Story from US Ella Torres, Fergal Gallagher, Catherine Sanz , ABC News
Facebook implements new rules to prevent voter intimidation
By Fergal Gallagher and Catherine Sanz
October 7, 2020 Story from Business Fergal Gallagher, Catherine Sanz , ABC News
Minority communities fighting back against disinformation ahead of election
By Fergal Gallagher
October 25, 2020 Story from Politics Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Bloomberg video with added crickets would be 'Manipulated Media' under new Twitter rules
By Fergal Gallagher
February 21, 2020 Story from Politics Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Coronavirus misinformation is widespread, according to new report that calls it an 'infodemic'
By Fergal Gallagher and Benjamin Bell
April 23, 2020 Story from US Fergal Gallagher, Benjamin Bell , ABC News
Critics call for Facebook to protect democracy with 3 urgent steps
By Catherine Sanz and Fergal Gallagher
October 1, 2020 Story from Technology Catherine Sanz, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Who is spreading COVID-19 misinformation and why
By Benjamin Bell and Fergal Gallagher
May 26, 2020 Story from US Benjamin Bell, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
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