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Manipulated Nancy Pelosi video may be a sign of things to come in the 2020 election cycle
By Lee Ferran, Fergal Gallagher and John Parkinson
May 24, 2019 Story from Politics Lee Ferran, Fergal Gallagher, John Parkinson , ABC News
Passengers terrified after part of engine cover flies off plane during flight to Tampa
By Enjoli Francis, Alex Stone and Fergal Gallagher
November 30, 2018 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Alex Stone, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
After manipulated Zuckerberg, Pelosi videos, lawmakers grasp for ‘deepfake’ answers
By Lee Ferran and Fergal Gallagher
June 13, 2019 Story from Politics Lee Ferran, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Facebook and Twitter launch new rules for political ads to counter misinformation
By Fergal Gallagher
May 25, 2018 Story from Politics Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Largely Roman Catholic Ireland votes 2-to-1 to repeal abortion ban
By Fergal Gallagher and Ben Gittleson
May 26, 2018 Story from International Fergal Gallagher, Ben Gittleson , ABC News
Irish from all over the world are flying home to vote in Ireland's abortion referendum
By Molly Hunter and Fergal Gallagher
May 24, 2018 Story from International Molly Hunter, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Where did the anti-Muslim videos retweeted by Trump come from?
November 29, 2017 Story from Politics FERGAL GALLAGHER , ABC News
New Facebook transparency efforts heavily criticized ahead of Irish abortion referendum
By Fergal Gallagher
May 4, 2018 Story from Technology Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Reddit bans 944 accounts with suspected links to Russian troll farm
By Fergal Gallagher
April 11, 2018 Story from Technology Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Man threatens to call ICE on people speaking Spanish in restaurant
By JOSIAH BATES and Fergal Gallagher
May 16, 2018 Story from US JOSIAH BATES, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
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