Tips to Save Money on Groceries from Teri Gault, of The Grocery Game

Visitors can save hundreds per month, site says.

Jan. 18, 2012— -- Saving used to be simpler. Now, thanks to rising food prices and shows like "Extreme Couponing," cutting and clipping has become an art form.

Teri Gault is the founder and CEO of The Grocery Game, a website that provides consumers with weekly lists of the lowest-priced products at their local grocery stores.

Gault says her site helps people save up to hundreds of dollars per month. Here is a list of her top tips.

Stacking Sales -- or, combining coupons with in-store deals.

"Investing" -- Gault says, buy in bulk when things go on sale, so you won't have to pay full price later. In other words, don't wait till you run out.

"You don't even half to cut coupons to cut it [your monthly grocery bill] in half," says Gault. "You just invest. "But adding a coupon saves you about 67 percent on the average."

Timing -- Many people don't realize you don't have to redeem your coupons the same week they come in the paper. Coupons usually expire in three months, so you can play your coupons like a card shark.

Final Note: You can donate expired coupons to military families overseas, who may use them for up to six months past the expiration date. One is this Facebook page. donates all of their expired coupons to their local American Legion Auxiliary. Coupons must be clipped and bundled with rubber bands. To do so yourself, please mail your coupons to:

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 450450 Victor Stier Dr.Milford, OH 45150

You can also check with your local American Legion Auxiliary to see if they participate.