Toddler swings baseball bat like a star slugger

Asher Willig's parents say he even prefers to watch the sport over cartoons.

— -- Asher Willig isn't even two-years-old yet and he's already a bit of a baseball phenomenon -- to his family and to those watching his batting videos anyway.

From the living room to the batting cage, Asher, 22 months, has a knack for swinging a bat.

"This little babe's been obsessed with baseball since he could walk ... He doesn't watch cartoons," his mother, Leah Willig, told ABC News. "He watches baseball."

His Lawrenceville, Georgia family said that he'd learned it all from his father, Cory Willig, who played in the independent league for four years.

Cory Willig played with a different team every year, most recently in Plattsburg, New York. Now he works at a baseball training facility, where Asher practices his swing.

At 13 months, Asher started swinging the bat, hitting off the Ts. Now, he runs.

"You can tell, he's even excited if he hears the word 'baseball,'" Cory Willig said.

Leah Willig said Asher still doesn't seem to realize how good he is.

And, she said it's a surprise, still, to she and Cory Willig every time they see their little boy swing.