Toilet-clogging iguana is far from a pipe dream

VIDEO: A Florida man pulled the large lizard from a drain pipe while investigating a clogged toilet.PlayOscar Tabares / Trusscorp International, Inc.
WATCH Toilet-clogging iguana is far from a pipe dream

A large lizard drew quite a few stares in Florida - not for its size, but its location.

Oscar Tabares was trying to unclog a toilet at his family’s warehouse last Wednesday. When a plunger couldn’t do the job he called on family to help him remove the toilet.

Tabares told ABC affiliate WPLG an iguana was looking back at him in the toilet’s drain pipe, and he has the video to prove it.

Footage provided to WPLG shows Tabares’ uncle playing reptile wrangler and removing the lizard with a piece of rope.

The Sunshine State is no stranger to surprise guests in its plumbing. In May, a woman in Miami called 911 after finding an iguana in her toilet.

Lt. Felipe Lay of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue told WPLG earlier this year that iguanas are “excellent swimmers and they can hold their breath for an extended period of time.”

As for the fate of this most recent commode-loving curiosity, Tabares said his uncle safely released the iguana outside.