Young man killed in severe storms in Kentucky as tornadoes rip through region

Wind gusts topped 100 mph in Kentucky.

April 3, 2024, 3:25 PM

Dangerous tornadoes tore through the central U.S. Tuesday night, including Kentucky, where one person was killed, according to the governor.

Over the last two days, more than 20 tornadoes were reported across states including Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri.

A utility worker walks past buildings damaged by a tornado on April 3, 2024 in Sunbright, Tenn.
Brett Carlsen/Getty Images
In this aerial view, buildings sit destroyed by a tornado on April 3, 2024 in Sunbright, Tenn.
Brett Carlsen/Getty Images
A damaged building is shown in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, on April 2, 2024, after a storm rolled through the area.

In Kentucky, where wind gusts topped 100 mph, the reported twisters flattened buildings, ripped off roofs and littered streets with debris.

In Campbell County, Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati, a young man died in a car accident during the strong storms, Gov. Andy Beshear said at a news conference Wednesday.

No major injuries have been reported, Beshear said.

Jordan Yuodis, spokesperson for Anchorage Middletown Fire and EMS in Kentucky, told ABC News, "Within a matter of what seemed like minutes, [the weather] went from about 70-75 degrees and sunny to suddenly pitch black and debris flying."

Shortly after 5:15 p.m., officials activated the outdoor warning sirens, Yuodis said. "Within minutes, we started receiving 911 calls of homes damaged, people trapped in their homes, roads being shut down," he said.

"We responded to multiple homes where the roofs had been completely taken off," Yuodis said. "The roof from one house went across the street and ended up into another home."

Damage from reported tornadoes in Kentucky, posted by Anchorage Middletown Fire & EMS.
Anchorage Middletown Fire & EMS

"Thanks to the timely forecasts and warnings provided by the National Weather Service, people were able to seek shelter, which, to our knowledge, has been effective," Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said Tuesday night. "I'm pleased to report that as of now, there are no reported injuries or fatalities. ... There is definitely roof damage, significant damage to homes."

A state of emergency is in effect in Kentucky.

On Wednesday afternoon and evening, scattered, severe thunderstorms are possible all along the East Coast.

Two separate tornado watches are in effect: one in North Florida and Central Florida and another in the Mid-Atlantic.

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