Train Conductor Turned Choral Maestro Leads Yale Glee Club in Spontaneous Holiday Song

Metro-North train conductor Bob McDonough transformed into a choral conductor.

December 8, 2015, 1:19 PM

— -- A Metro-North train conductor recently transformed into a choral leader after learning the Yale Glee Club was on his train and decided to lead them through an impromptu holiday concert to passengers' delight.

While traveling from New York to New Haven last Friday, the glee club burst into spontaneous song, but train conductor Bob McDonough interrupted them saying, "I'm the conductor, let me conduct!" according to a video posted to McDonough's Facebook page that was viewed over half a million times as of noon today.

The video then shows McDonough using his ticket hole punch as a baton and passionately waving his arms as he leads the singers through a performance of "Carol of the Bells."

Other passengers can be heard cheering and seen applauding at the end of the song.

Coincidentally, the group also had McDonough as their conductor on an earlier trip to New York, during which he sang for them, Yale Glee Club president Dan Rubins told The Associated Press.

The glee club also performed for passengers waiting for their trains at Grand Central Station, Rubins added.