Woman Attempts to Abduct 2-Year-Old Girl on DC Train, Police Say

Passengers on the D.C. Metro helped stop alleged abduction of a 2-year-old.

A mother and her 2-year-old daughter, who was strapped in a stroller, were on a train from Virginia to New Carrollton, Maryland, when the suspect on board tried pulling the girl out of her stroller. The strap helped prevent the woman from taking the child, police said.

D.C. Metro spokeswoman Morgan Dye said transit police received the call at 9:34 this morning. Witnesses on the train helped apprehend the suspect and held the woman until police arrived, Dye said, adding that an adult male was reportedly the main person who prevented the abduction.

Authorities took the woman into custody at the Foggy Bottom station and later charged her in the attempted abduction, D.C. Metro Police spokesman Richard Jordan said. The suspect was not cooperating and would not give her name, he said, so she was charged today as Jane Doe.