Video Captures Pilot's Proposal to His Girlfriend in Midair

This couple sets the bar for marriage proposals.

— -- Talk about a proposal that will have your head in the clouds. When Mollie-Jean Burgess’ boyfriend Luke DeLisio proposed to her while flying his plane, the couple really was on Cloud Nine.

Burgess, 26, thought she was just going for a ride with her 25-year-old pilot boyfriend. The couple has flown together numerous times, so Burgess thought this flight was no different. Even when she saw the video cameras in the cabin and on the wings, she still had no idea what was on DeLisio’s flight plan.

DeLisio circled over Powhatan Field, where Burgess works as an athletic trainer, and something on the grass caught her eye.

“I didn’t quite realize what the field said until we got closer,” Burgess recalls. DeLisio had enlisted a friend to arrange bed sheets on the field to spell “Marry me?” in giant letters that could be read from the air.

“I kept thinking, ‘Is this real life?’ There was no question in my mind that I’m going to say yes,” said Burgess.

Getting engaged wasn’t the only surprise in store for Burgess that day. Her new fiancé made sure that her roommate, her best friend, and a co-worker were down on the field.

Once the newly engaged couple was back on solid ground, they celebrated with their friends and family. Having everyone there to share in the moment meant “everything” to Burgess.

“I’m so appreciative of how it all came together. Luke is the most thoughtful person ever, it was definitely the best day of my life up to this point," said Burgess.

You can watch the full proposal here courtesy of Kevin Kelm.