Watch Houston Parents Break Into Locked Daycare to Rescue Son, Center Later Apologizes

A mother in Houston said she was "terrified" when she knew her baby was alone.

July 28, 2015, 9:42 PM

— -- A daycare center in Houston accidentally locked a baby inside after closing, and the boy's frantic parents broke in to rescue the tot, the boy's mom told ABC News, an incident for which the center reportedly later apologized.

Sharonda Ross, 30, said she was "in shock" to discover that her 10-month old son, Jordan, was alone inside Joann's Day Care around 6:45 p.m. Monday.

"I was thinking this isn't happening. I'm dreaming," she told ABC News. "I'm going to wake up and it's going to be a dream. I'm just at a loss for words."

On Tuesday, the center apologized to a reporter for ABC-owned station KTRK.

"First I'm deeply, terribly sorry," the center's owner, Joann Davis told KTRK. "I thank God he was OK... It was our mistake. I'm not saying it's not... but the main thing is the baby's okay, and I'm sorry as I can be."

Ross said she has had an arrangement with the daycare since April to go there directly after her shift as a security worker ends at 6 p.m., when she said the center closes.

"They always had an understanding that me and other parents get off at six and can come directly to the daycare," Ross said.

But when she arrived at the daycare yesterday, the parking lot was empty and the building was locked, as first reported by KTRK.

"I pulled on the door and banged on the door," she said. She said she called the daycare but did not get a response.

Then she went home, in case her husband had picked up the boy. When she got there and realized he had not, they both raced back to the center, adding she felt "terrified".

When the boy wasn't there, she and her husband raced back to the center, adding that she felt "terrified."

PHOTO: Authorities are investigating a mother's claims that she had to break into a northeast Houston day care because her baby was locked inside and alone.
Authorities are investigating a mother's claims that she had to break into a northeast Houston day care because her baby was locked inside and alone.

"I banged on the window to see if someone maybe fell asleep. I heard my baby crying louder after the third time. I knew that was my baby," Ross said. "That's when I told my husband to break the window."

Ross said she recorded the incident to show the daycare why they were breaking the window and to show police. The video shows her husband Lawrence Matthews breaking into a building window while a baby's crying can be heard. He eventually emerged with the baby and gives him to his mother. Ross can be heard crying in the video.

"I wanted them to know they had my child and nobody was here," Ross said.

She filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff's office after they arrived on the scene. A spokeswoman for the sheriff's office told ABC News that they are still investigating the incident and added that the child was not injured.

Ross and her husband do not face any charges in the case.

Davis told KTRK that the employee who accidentally left the baby will not be fired. According to the station, emergency phone numbers have since been posted on the building.

Ross said she is doubtful she will leave her baby in daycare again.

"I don't see myself allowing him to go to daycare," she said. "I'm going to be at work and asking, 'Is my baby by himself? At what point did you forget my child was there?'"

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