Video Shows Tacoma Grandmother Scaring Away Intruders With One Good Bark

A 77-Year-old woman screamed "get the hell out of here" to burglars in her home.

Guelda Messina, 77, was sleeping early Monday morning when three burglars entered her house, Messina’s daughter Megan Bostic told ABC News today. Messina said she heard a noise in the living room and got out of bed to see what it was, Bostic said.

“She came out thinking my dad was still home and hadn’t gone to work yet or maybe it was a cat or something,” Bostic said. “She was instead confronted with these burglars.”

“I wasn’t as much scared as ticked off," Messina told ABC News. "I’m not a morning person.”

When Messina saw one of the intruders, her “instant reaction” was to yell “Get the hell out of here!” Bostic said, prompting the robbers to run out of the house. “She didn’t have time to be afraid.”

Messina immediately called her husband and he called the police, Bostic said, adding that she, the homeowners and the police all watched the surveillance video taken in the house.

In the video, one of the burglars is seen coming up the stairs in the house and opening the front door for the other two, Bostic said. The three burglars then can be seen on the video rummaging through drawers until they are discovered by Messina.

“They looked like bumbling idiots,” Bostic said of the video, adding that her mother was unaware there were two more people in her house until she watched the video.

Bostic said that as far as she knows, the only thing taken was Messina’s purse and although her mother and family were “freaked out” at first, Messina “is a tough cookie.”

The Tacoma Police Department described the incident as an interrupted burglary and told ABC News today that they have “not made arrests in this incident at this point in time.”